Chrissy's Favorite "Mutt" Loaf

Three-year-old shih tzu Chrissy is the beloved furry companion of Lisa Nakamura, executive chef of Waters, located at the Woodmark Hotel, Yacht Club & Spa. Chrissy and Lisa started their adventures together in Korea, moving on to New Orleans (where they weathered Katrina), then California and now Seattle. According to Lisa, “Chrissy snores, glares and grunts her way through life.” Thanks Chrissy, for sharing your favorite recipe with CityDog readers.

"Mutt" Loaf
2 lbs lean hamburger (get the leanest hamburger you can)
1 lb ground chicken or turkey
6 eggs
¼ c wheat germ
2-3 cups cooked brown rice
1 c shredded carrots
1 c corn kernels
2-3 t low sodium beef or chicken broth

Chop the carrots and brown rice in a food processor until the rice is sticky. Transfer the mixture to a large bowl and incorporate the rest of the ingredients. Transfer the mixture to a loaf pan and bake at 350 until the internal temperature reads 160 degrees. Let the mixture cool.  

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Keep any unused muttloaf in the refrigerator. This also freezes well. Cut the loaf into individual slices and freeze them on a sheet pan so that they are not touching. When they are frozen solid, transfer them to a freezer storage bag.

Notes:  Do not use onions in this mix. Also, you may choose to omit the broth if you would like. Keep the seasonings to a minimum or not at all.  That means salt, pepper, herbs and spices. Top with cheese and serve.

Photo by Jen Flynn

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