Alisa Johnson, Navy wife, active duty Marine and founder of Dogs on Deployment, is nominated for Military Spouse of the Year

Alisa Johnson is a Navy wife and active duty Marine officer training to be a pilot. As if that wasn’t enough, she is also founder and president of her own nonprofit organization called Dogs on Deployment (DoD). For these reasons (and because she seems like an awesome person…read more below), Ms. Johnson has been nominated for Military Spouse of the Year and as a fellow dog lover, we wanted to show our support.

About Dogs on Deployment

DoD matches military pet families with foster families needing homes, helping more than 100 families by linking them with people to provide temporarily care. Alisa rescues animals herself, helping find them homes and assists with medical issues and spay/neuter costs. Her website, Facebook page and blog are filling a vital service in the military community helping pet families and keeping animals out of shelters. She’s constantly looking for creative ways to spread the message and help others, contacting families weekly on Craigslist to let them know there’s options other than leaving a pet behind. She finds military pets at shelters doomed to die and then leverages her massive Facebook page (18,700 fans and counting) reach to bring them to safety. She’s also helping in the effort to ask for a consistent joint pet policy and to give all pet owners the ability to enjoy base housing, regardless of breed. An online petition asking for breed neutral policies that she helped start has nearly 25,000 signatures.

“Pets may be an afterthought in some people’s minds, but Dogs on Deployment promotes and celebrates the human animal bond, putting pets where families who love them know where they should be; an integral, cherished member of the military family.

Her [Alisa's] advocacy, education and love for pets shines through in everything she does. Her education efforts focus on building responsible pet communities by proper pet training, spay/neuter, registration/chipping, moving resources among other information services.

She’s also a team player and leader. She frequently partners with other organizations supporting pets and their families to increase the support for Dogs on Deployment so that they can help more military families. Pet businesses with a an interest in the military can partner with her and offer supporters discounts Her active list of volunteers who spread the word about Dogs on Deployment through pet festivals and other outreach venues.

Alisa does all of this while maintaining her fulltime military duties, supporting her Navy husband as he performs carrier deployments and she takes care of two dogs, a parrot and recently single-handedly remodeled a new home. She frequently shares her personal life with her fans and sets the example, rescuing abandoned pets and finding homes for animals with no other options.

Please consider honoring Alisa for her lifesaving accomplishments keeping military families with their pets.” Theresa Donnelly, Military Member

To vote for Alisa Johnson as Military Spouse of the Year, click here.



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