Meet the CityDog Pack: Brandie Ahlgren, Founder and Editor

Want to know more about who is behind the scenes at CityDog Magazine? Here is the first in a four-part series to meet the CityDog Pack, starting with founder and editor, Brandie Ahlgren.

In a nutshell, Brandie oversees all aspects of publishing CityDog Magazine including creating the quarterly, full-color, glossy lifestyle magazine (check out the current issue here), bringing you bonus articles, events and photos on the CityDog website, keeping dog lovers up to speed on what to do and where to go with your pooch via the monthly CityDog E-News, and organizing fun events like the popular CityDog Muttmixers and CityDog Cover Dog Model Search. There’s even an online store, where you can find everything from toys to tees, beds to bowls and a whole lot more.

Brandie originally got the idea to start CityDog Magazine after Scout, an eight-week-old boxer puppy, entered her life. And, as the saying goes, the rest is history. As a new puppy parent, Brandie went in search of the best dog food, treats, trainer, on- and off-leash parks, veterinarian, toys…essentially, all of the “doggone” essentials needed for raising a puppy.

What she found was through word-of-mouth; hence, the idea for a quarterly magazine highlighting the best of the best as it pertains to all things dog. Nine years later, CityDog Magazine is the definitive dog lovers magazine to life and living with dogs in the West.

Unfortunately, Scout lost her battle with cancer in June 2013 after reaching the ripe old age of 11. A boxer’s lifespan is typically eight to 12 years, so Brandie feels blessed for those three “extra” years. Scout joins and continues to be joined by many dog friends she met along her journey (Maddie, Snickers, Oly, Lily…), where they now frolic to their heart’s content without cancer, arthritis, cataracts and the many other ailments that simply come with being an old dog.

Brandie currently has two dogs to give her inspiration for CityDog Magazine: Ziggy, a seven-year-old schnoodle (schnauzer-poodle mix) and Thya, a four-year-old boxer, whom she adopted in August 2013.

“Ziggy loved Scout with all of his heart and soul and after her passing, I could tell he was depressed and frankly, so was I,” says Brandie. “We both needed that boxer energy back in our life, and now we have Thya. She is truly a blessing.”

{Next week, we will feature Melinda Burghduff, director of sales and business development. Woof!}

Pictured above: Brandie Ahlgren, with Scout and Ziggy. Photo by J. Nichole Smith.



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