Meet the CityDog Pack: Jessica Williams, Manager of Marketing and Social Media

Jessica from YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner blog SeattleHere at CityDog, we want you to get to know the “pack” behind our magazine. Over the last two weeks we have told you about the founder and editor, Brandie Ahlgren, director of sales and business development, Melinda Burghduff, and manager of retail sales and events, Michelle Taylor. Today, we are pleased to introduce Jessica Williams, manager of marketing and social media.

Jessica joins CityDog for the summer to help promote events, contribute to the CityDog Blog and develop and implement social media strategies (be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram).

Jessica has been immersed in the dog world since she launched her blog,, about hiking with her two miniature dachshunds. Over the last four years she has become an expert within the “dog” community, dedicating her life to improving the lives of pets and pet parents in and around the Seattle area.

She left her 10-year career in environmental management and capitalizing on her years of blogging and social media experience, started PetTalk Media, a social media consulting and coaching business. She has since completed a certificate in social media management and is currently completing a masters degree in digital communications from the University of Washington.

Jessica has always had animals in her life. She grew up on an “urban farm” and in addition to a dog and several rescue cats, her family raised rabbits and chickens. She inherited her first miniature dachshund, Chester, from a roommate. He became her constant companion traveling with her, hiking with her, and helping her train for a marathon.

“People were always surprised to see such a short-legged dog on the top of a mountain or jogging around the neighborhood,” says Jessica.

She adopted a second miniature dachshund, Gretel, four years ago from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue in Redmond, Wash.

“The day after I brought Gretel home, I took her for a six-mile hike,” says Jessica. “It was Gretel’s first hike ever and she absolutely loved it, which inspired me to start my blog.”

You can learn more about Chester, Gretel and You Did What With Your Wiener here.



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