Doggy GOO is MORE than Ready to Help | by Stephen @ GOO

One of Doggy GOO’s early Success Stories relates to a Retriever Guide Dog called Philbin.

Philbin was a Guide Dog for a Vision impaired young man named Odie.

It goes …

( Retrievers ) Philbin … ( as with approx. 25% of Retrievers ) was beginning to exhibit increasing signs of classic Enviro Allergy Symptoms; i.e. Scratching / Paw Chewing / Licking.

As is the case with All of our Itchy Dogs, these Symptoms were initially “Suppressed” by Steroids … which DO Stop the Itch …but are only Short Term … and leave the cumulative progression of the Allergy SnowBall “Intact” to only Roll Bigger ( Frequency ) and Faster ( Severity ) as Time Rolls On ..

Unfortunately, Steroids also have the Side-Effect of making the Animal PEE a Lot … which is strongly “Discouraged” for Vision Guide Dogs “In Guide Dog Harness.”

Given this Unfortunate/UnAvoidable condition, Odie took Philbin to a DVM Dermatologist ( Think Allergist for our Dogs ) … who told him that Philbin had to Go Off Steroids / Itch Suppress Med’s for 6- 8 Weeks to allow a Clean Allergy Skin Test to determine the Allergy Shot formulation.

The DVM Derm also said that once Philbin started Allergy Shots .. that it would take approx. 10 months before the Shots would “Begin” to show any signs of improvement and that ( Legally Blind ) Odie would have to continue giving Philbin Shots for over 2 Years to get Philbin’s Allergy Symptoms suppressed.

Well … Odie finding himself and Philbin between an Itchy Rock and an UnDesirable Time Table Hard Place, as well as being a resourceful and Techno Young Man … set off looking for an alternative solution to their Problem, and they found and approached Upon hearing of Odie’s and Philbin’s Story, Healthy GOO/Doggy GOO consented to take Philbin into the GOO Fold and start Philbin on Doggy GOO …

Long Story Short …

After 2.5 – 3 mo. on 100% Natural Doggy GOO, Philbin was back to his old self and able to perform his Guide Duties w/o any Itch Suppress Pharma.

From then On, Philbin has been a Happy and Healthy Doggy GOO.

Per the video above, Odie’s ( Self Motivated ) GOO Testimonial speaks to this Happy Event.

The unfortunate part of this Story is that Retrievers are not only used Extensively for Guide Dog Duties, but the Breed is also Genetically Pre-Disposed to a Higher Incidence of Allergy than other Breeds …

So …

a Retriever goes thru all the Time / $$ & TLC to prepare them for their Guide Dog Duties … only to have to be Retired” due to the Allergy SnowBall rolling out of Control … With the only thing that is done is Pharma Itch Suppress / Symptom Masking Steroids.

It is to this Challenge that Doggy GOO is MORE than Ready to Help !

Sponsored by Doggy GOO,



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