A Feast Fit for Fido: Simple Thanksgiving Recipes for Dogs

Thanksgiving is about so much more than a massive turkey dinner — it’s a time to gather with family and friends (two and four-legged alike!) and focus on the good things in life.

In an effort to include furry family members in the feast-ivities without putting them in danger of gastrointestinal upset or even pancreatitis, Petplan pet insurance has put together a collection of Thanksgiving-themed recipes especially for dogs!

On an average day, Petplan policyholders spend about $428.92 on veterinary treatment for stomach upset, but over Thanksgiving weekend the same treatment soars to $614.72. Why the hefty price tag? Many vet hospitals have limited hours or close for the holiday weekend, meaning pets must visit an emergency clinic for treatment.

The good news is that preventing dinner disasters is easy: don’t feed pets from the table! Instead, take a page out of Petplan’s (veterinarian-approved!) cookbook and make a few Turkey Day treats fit for Fido. Everything can be created with ingredients already on hand, and unlike table food handouts, they’re safe to offer pets.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

· Pumpkin Smoothies: This creamy, two-ingredient pumpkin drink earns plenty of woofs.

· Paws-itively Peanutty Crudités: Crispy, crunchy veggies and peanut butter.

· Simple Sorbet: Tickle tongues between courses with this refreshing ice cube treat.

· Roasted Turkey Medallions: Turkey, carrots and oatmeal for a protein-packed entrée.

· Scrumptious Sweet Potato Cookies: Sweet potato and banana, easy-to-make cookies.

You can see the full recipes here including a game plan for fitting in this feast with your already scheduled cooking plus safety tips to help you make sure Thanksgiving is happy and healthy fur all! Woof!



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