What is DOG BOX?
For humans, the DOG BOX is a monthly subscription for delivery of toys, treats, and chews that takes the guess work out of finding fun new things for your furry kid.

For dogs, the DOG BOX is like the joy of 1,000 belly scratches. From heavy chewers to special allergies, this curated monthly collection of the best natural treats, chews, and innovative toys will surely match your dog’s unique preferences.

What does my dog get in their DOG BOX?
Good question! Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-5 treats, toys, and occasional hygiene products that have been hand selected and approved by Jericho (Papillon) and Chevy (Black Lab), head product testers for the DOG BOX and resident “shop dogs” for staff. Products for each month are thoughtfully crafted and each item is unique – variety is the spice of life, no? The best part? You’ll get about $40 worth of goods at a 30% discount!

Why is DOG BOX better?
We have thousands of regular customers through the doors of our brick & mortar stores each week. We use their feedback and observations … then, we put a great deal of thought, research, and time into creating each month’s DOG BOX. We only choose high quality vendors using top ingredients in their treats and we observe our own dogs putting the toys to the test. We’re really proud of the DOG BOX because we know every item is something we’ve seen dogs enjoy and also benefit from – stimulation wise and health wise. And that’s what our goal is – to make dogs of all sizes (Bigs, Littles & Middles) happy & healthy, with life-enriching gifts each month.

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