#WhynotMEpet of the Week: Your Highness Gracie

My name: Your Highness Gracie (female) My age: nine years

Adopt me at: Seattle Humane Society

About me: Your Highness Gracie, aka the “purr-fect bed cat,” is a nine-year-old torbie who wants nothing more than to cuddle with you through her golden years. She talks with the sweetest purring, chirping voice, mainly to ask for company if separated from her people for too long. Your Highness Gracie is an A+ cuddler – she’s known to flop down in her human’s arms with her head on the pillow. But, she won’t disturb you while you’re sleeping — she’ll just snuggle up next to you. She does prefer flannel sheets though, if you have them, and will sometimes burrow under the covers to “help make the bed.”

Even though Your Highness Gracie is a senior kitty, she makes time to play and have fun. For her, there’s nothing better than a nice, small stuffy toy and a good chase. Sometimes though, she likes to drop her toys in her water bowl. But who doesn’t? She has a few other cute quirks. Your Highness Gracie enjoys drinking running water from a faucet and doesn’t mind hopping up obstacles to reach it. And when she’s eating, she really likes flavoring her water with pieces of food. She’ll scoop some kibble up and toss it in her water. She might take a bit longer to warm up to you, but just like with some people, she’s takes a little longer to gain their trust. But once she does, she’ll give you all the love she can.

Gracie has kidney disease and chronic lymphoma. Kidney disease is fairly common, and many cats develop it into their golden years. There is no way to reverse it, but it can often be slowed with diet or medication. As of right now, Your Highness Gracie is not receiving any treatment for this. She also has Chronic Lymphoma, which is one of the most common cancers in cats. It is fairly responsive to medication and prolonged remissions are common. She is currently taking a very small amount of chemotherapy medication for this every three days and is responding well to it.

Your Highness Gracie would do best in a cat-free home. She could do well with a resident dog who’s cat-savvy and won’t chase her around. Since she’s a senior lady, she would do best in a quiet home with teenagers or older.

View Gracie’s profile at Seattle Humane.

#WhynotMEpets is a statewide campaign that gives cats and dogs needing more care and attention a greater chance of finding a home as quickly as possible. Its mission focuses on animals that have been homeless for two months or longer; are elderly; have behavior or medical needs; aren’t thriving in the shelter environment; or make up a large percentage of the shelter population, such as bully breeds. These are the animals asking “Why not me?” To learn more, visit pawsitivealliance.org/whynotmepets.

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