Porsche Hot

Breed(s) Great Pyrenees
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Giant Flossy Knot
Birthday February 25, 2009
Personality This lady is a class act all the way. She loves everyone, in fact, that has proven to be our biggest training challenge to date, "Porsche, heal. Ah ah ah, no pulling me!" It's not only people Porsche is agreeable with either, she's always a favorite when at doggy daycare and is allowed to play with all size groups. Very sweet and affectionate friendly dog.
Likes People, pooches, kitties, livestock, running madly around our yard at breakneck speed all by herself, rolling in the grass, chewing her Flossys, playing sorta kinda fetch, splashing in mud puddles, snow, the dog park, treats, and all the petting a person can spare.
Dislikes Changes in her diet, pumpkin, and the vet-at least when we first enter the examination room.


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