Watson Hot

Breed(s) Chocolate Lab/Blood Hound?
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Turtle
Adoption Date August 29, 2012
Personality I love people, cats, dogs, toys, FOOD! And it's been said that I'm sweet, loving, and affectionate. (Whew! I've got it made!)
Likes Going "Bye-Bye" (especially in the car) - I do the "Bye-Bye Bounce"!
My best buddy is Holmes (a black kitty that showed up on Momma's front porch about 3 days after I was adopted). We do everything together! He even pees where I do! (And he loves peanut butter - just like me!) I think we must be related...
Dislikes I HATE having my ears cleaned, and brussel sprouts! (Otherwise, I'm a pretty easy-going guy.)


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