Ginger Hot

Breed(s) Cockapoo
Sex Female
Favorite Toy anything with a squeaker
Birthday May 26, 2010
Adoption Date November 19, 2010
Personality You need to cut me a few breaks cuz I'm still a puppy and sometimes get all wound up like the road runner one moment and konk out for a nap the next moment. I'm mostly sweet, a little shy, love my kitty pal, Serena, who tolerates me. She's really cool. Sometimes I'm told I am naughty cuz I find the darnedest things to chew on, but I say I'm just resourceful.
Likes I looooove the cat's food so mom has to act as a referee when we are eating so I don't gobble mine up and then push Serena out of the way so I can eat her's, too. I like being brushed even though I am prone to matting and tangles cuz I love all the attention on just me. If I could purr, I would.
Dislikes I don't like ear drops and treat my mom like a big ogre when she subjects me to this barbaric practice. It's just plain mean.


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