Ginger Hot

Breed(s) Cockapoo
Sex Female
Favorite Toy anything with a squeaker
Birthday May 26, 2010
Adoption Date November 19, 2010
Personality I will be 3 years old in May 2013. My favorite activity now is to chase the squirrels residing in our backyard. They love to tease me. I'm still a little shy around strangers, but do love people and my dog friends... especially CityDog's Ziggy. We love to run and chase each other. I also love car rides and want to go anywhere my mom is going. Life is pretty good!
Likes I love my treats and behave well to get them. Surprisingly, I've come to love my groomer at Doggy Style in Bremerton.
Dislikes I still don't like ear drops and treat my mom like a big ogre when she subjects me to this barbaric practice. It's just plain mean.


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