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Breed(s) Japanese Chin
Sex Female
Birthday March 09, 2001
Likes Dancing
Breed(s) Beagle/Lab, aka Blab
Sex Male
Birthday May 01, 1995
Adoption Date August 07, 1995
Personality Stubborn and gentle
Likes Sleeping, eating, sitting in the sun and being at the beach.
Dislikes Baths.
Breed(s) Maltese
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Plastic Bone
Birthday October 19, 2011
Adoption Date January 25, 2008
Personality When he gets ready for bed, he will dig under a blanket or a comforter if he is on a bed. He likes to run around in circles when he goes outside.
Likes Scrambled eggs
Dislikes Baths, long walks
Breed(s) Yorkshire terrier
Sex Female
Birthday January 01, 1970
Breed(s) Saint Bernard
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Stuffed pig
Birthday May 06, 2011
Personality Hyper, Excited, Loving, Happy
Likes Belly rubs, treats, walks, going to the dog park, hanging out with the fam.
Dislikes going to the vet, getting his nails trimmed, the vacuum cleaner
Breed(s) Labrador Retriever
Sex Male
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