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Breed(s) Wheaten/Irish terrier mix
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Polar bear-"baby"
Birthday September 01, 1998
Personality My 12 year old puppy-
Likes watching TV and wants to turn everyone into a dog lover
Dislikes skateboarders and Iphone or Ipad commercials
Breed(s) Rottweiler
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Tug toy
Birthday August 17, 2011
Personality Merlin loves to work. He's sort of shy around some people, but warms up quickly.
Likes Herding sheep, Rally events. Loves getting out for a walk. Greeting me when I get home.
Dislikes Hats. Pills.
Breed(s) American Cocker Spaniel
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Extreme Kong with a treat inside
Birthday April 13, 2001
Personality Separation anxiety; leash aggression (?)
Breed(s) Mixed
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Chew toys
Birthday November 21, 2005
Adoption Date May 28, 2006
Personality Cute, happy, sometimes a bit grumpy, my best friend!
Likes Long walks
Breed(s) Boston Terrier
Sex Male
Favorite Toy small tennis ball
Birthday April 23, 2009
Personality Moe is a very animated dog, he loves making people laugh and playing. Moe also has a special ability (like most Boston Terriers) to borrow himself under the sheets of a fully made bed without any assistance.
Likes playing, food, attention, going for walks, sleeping in the bed, doing 360 spins when he's excited/playing with other dogs, his best friend Toby, being the face dog for M&J Dog Essentials
Dislikes days that are too hot or too cold, sirens, not being the center of attention
Breed(s) Austrailan Shepherd / Whippet mix
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Chuck-It
Birthday September 02, 2008
Adoption Date October 26, 2008
Personality The whippet mix makes her very shy with strangers but once she knows you forget about personal space. She is extremely smart and supper fast and loves to play.
Likes She loves playing in off-leash parks w/ her friends. Also having play dates when the weather is crap for play outside. Toys that belong to her friends including good bones from the butcher.
Dislikes Her own toys (unless having a play date). Walking on a leash (she is not in control) and being around strangers at least at first until she feels comfortable.
Breed(s) Pug
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Hide-A-Squirrel
Birthday July 16, 2009
Adoption Date October 13, 2009
Personality Playful, obedient with the presence of treats, love to cuddle, thinks she is a BIG dog
Likes 1) Food
2) Food
3) Food
Breed(s) Shepard, hound mix
Sex Male
Birthday December 05, 2005
Personality Sweet and loving in the house, scrappy, bullish, neurotic, fear agressive and protective of mom
Likes to spin in circles when excited or about to eat, squirrels, Jazzy

I'm the cute one winking in the back - Jazzy is my sister in front
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