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Breed(s) Great Dane
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Yellow Monkey
Birthday April 28, 2011
Adoption Date July 27, 2011
Personality Parker is full of energy. He likes to chase the cat, run around the garden and hot tub, and chase his own tail. He is growing into his feet so he is quite clumsy, it's adorable
Likes Sleeping in a king sized bed, lots of attention, pig ears and tank bones. He loves to shake since that's his newest trick.
Dislikes Mean dogs that don't know how to play with a puppy, dry food unless mixed with wet food, sleeping in his own bed
Breed(s) Pit Bull Mix
Sex Female
Breed(s) Maltese Mix
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Bunny
Birthday May 02, 2000
Personality Peanut is a happy dog who is very content to hang out on the sofa, or on his bed next to my desk, although he often channels his puppyhood -- particularly when he plays with his bunny, even though he is almost 11 years old. He loves people, but becomes very protective of his Mommy when strange men approach.
Likes Going for walks, playing with his KONG filled with carrots, going for car rides, and most of all going to visit "Auntie" Danita at Dmarie's Doggie Boutique and "Auntie" Dorothy at the Dining Dog Cafe & Bakery. That is his favorite place on earth!
Dislikes Being brushed, having his teeth brushed, anyone touching his paws, thunderstorms and fireworks.
Breed(s) Dachshund
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Antler
Birthday April 19, 2000
Personality Nosy neighbor, keeps a bead on the hood.
Likes Food
Breed(s) German Shepherd Dog
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Pink! Hurley (for now)
Birthday April 26, 2010
Adoption Date August 01, 2010
Personality Fearless, playful, happy, loving, loves to give kisses, whistles to communicate. Desperately wants to make friends with the 17 year-old kitty in the house.
Likes Nomming on fresh fruits and veggies, walks, playing chase, car rides, sharing the couch or bed with mom and dad, visiting Woodinville wineries.
Dislikes Allergies. I seem to have a few. I don't like chicken, beef, or buffalo (raw or kibble) - they make me itchy. Orijen and Canidae kibble upset my tummy. I am currently checking out Avoderm Lamb Meal & Brown Rice.
Breed(s) Toy Poodle
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Chowy Bone
Birthday July 15, 2012
Breed(s) Toy poodle
Sex Female
Favorite Toy My "no stuff" rabbit
Birthday July 11, 2010
Adoption Date May 29, 2011
Personality Pippa is half little lady, half sassy siren! She is our little rescue dog who loves her big sister, Lulu, and stealing as much attention as she can! Pippa loves to be cuddled and held, and is also a GREAT runner for having such little legs!
Likes Chasing big dogs at the dog park, chasing squirrels, chewing rawhides.
Dislikes Walking on a leash, being left alone.
Breed(s) Great Pyrenees
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Giant Flossy Knot
Birthday February 25, 2009
Personality This lady is a class act all the way. She loves everyone, in fact, that has proven to be our biggest training challenge to date, "Porsche, heal. Ah ah ah, no pulling me!" It's not only people Porsche is agreeable with either, she's always a favorite when at doggy daycare and is allowed to play with all size groups. Very sweet and affectionate friendly dog.
Likes People, pooches, kitties, livestock, running madly around our yard at breakneck speed all by herself, rolling in the grass, chewing her Flossys, playing sorta kinda fetch, splashing in mud puddles, snow, the dog park, treats, and all the petting a person can spare.
Dislikes Changes in her diet, pumpkin, and the vet-at least when we first enter the examination room.
Breed(s) Rhodesian Ridgeback
Sex Male
Birthday April 11, 2007
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