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Red Dog
Breed(s) Rot Hound mix
Sex Female
Birthday January 01, 2011
Breed(s) Silky
Sex Male
Favorite Toy blue mouse
Birthday August 02, 2011
Adoption Date August 02, 2011
Personality Big
Likes Greenies, Sunday morning walks, when my human sits down so I can stop moving from bed to bed and get some rest.
Dislikes having my teeth brushed, getting a bath and those damn squirrels & raccoons who think they can share my backyard
Reximus Maximus Lyon (Rex)
Breed(s) Lab
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Little stuffed lamb (go figure)
Birthday June 15, 2006
Adoption Date January 27, 2007
Personality Funny. Funny. Funny.
Likes Soft little toys, snow skiing, swimming, hiking, and bananas.
Dislikes Front hugs and being told what to do.
Breed(s) Labrador
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Ball with food in it
Birthday June 02, 2003
Adoption Date June 02, 2003
Personality My nickname is giant beached whale. I am a total lover who at 80lbs thinks I should still be in your lap.
Breed(s) Black Lab
Sex Male
Favorite Toy food!
Personality Super sweet disposition, but very stubborn and a little lazy.
Likes walks, hiking, dog park & food!
Dislikes mornings
Breed(s) Chihuahua/Pom
Sex Female
Dislikes Mean dogs
Breed(s) English Bulldog
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Balls
Birthday January 01, 1970
Adoption Date January 01, 1970
Personality She is a very playful dog especially with her ball. she can also be very lazy and lay around the house all day snoring. over all she is a pretty chill dog.!
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