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Breed(s) Golden Retriever and Lab
Sex Female
Birthday November 14, 1997
Adoption Date January 01, 1998
Likes Loves to swim and dive for toys.
Dislikes Hates UPS men
Scout (2002-2013)
Breed(s) Boxer
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Tennis ball
Birthday May 06, 2002
Personality Most people will agree, I am a star who is adored by all! I don't take my role lightly though -- and will shower my fans with love and sloppy kisses!
Likes People -- all people, especially the little ones who taste good when you lick them!
Dislikes There's not much I don't like -- I'm not a big fan of the rain. Other than that, I like most people, places and things!
Breed(s) Yellow Lab
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Wubba
Birthday April 01, 2000
Personality Loving, Gentle, Kind, Snuggly (He actually "spoons"!), Loyal
Likes Swimming, FOOD, Hiking, FOOD, Stuffed Toys, FOOD
Soda Pop
Breed(s) Jack Russell Terrier
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Rocks and lasers
Birthday December 27, 2001
Likes snow, turkey, log rolls
Dislikes skateboards and cats
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