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Breed(s) Taiwan Street Dog/Formosan Mountain Dog
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Tiny Chuckit Balls
Birthday September 09, 2009
Adoption Date December 22, 2009
Breed(s) Gordon Setter
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Jack
Birthday February 25, 1999
Adoption Date May 23, 1999
Personality Although she is a senior dog she is ageing gracefully. She still loves to chase birds and is just the most loving dog one could have. If you don't know Gordons they can be quite the talkers and Tess always has something to say.
Likes Loves to chase birds out of trees, bushes you name it. Not as active as she once was but is still always ready to go.
Dislikes Not happy if she misses a walk.
Breed(s) Boxer
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Ziggy
Birthday February 14, 2010
Adoption Date August 05, 2013
Breed(s) Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise Mix
Sex Male
Favorite Toy "Big Bone" - a large stuffed bone
Birthday June 04, 2008
Adoption Date October 23, 2008
Personality Toby is a friendly little guy. He is a little skittish around loud noises, but he loves being around people. He's a cuddler and is most happy curled up in my lap.
Likes Stealing my slippers, carrots and apples, going for walks or to the off-leash park, snuggling
Dislikes Plastic bags, large aggressive dogs, waiting for anything.
Breed(s) Miniature Schnauzer
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Fox, Chipmunk, puppy and ornament
Birthday March 13, 2008
Personality Loves cuddles, treats, playing outside with daddy, watching mommy cook, hates loud noises and barks when the doorbell rings
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