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Breed(s) Chocolate Lab/Blood Hound?
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Turtle
Adoption Date August 29, 2012
Personality I love people, cats, dogs, toys, FOOD! And it's been said that I'm sweet, loving, and affectionate. (Whew! I've got it made!)
Likes Going "Bye-Bye" (especially in the car) - I do the "Bye-Bye Bounce"!
My best buddy is Holmes (a black kitty that showed up on Momma's front porch about 3 days after I was adopted). We do everything together! He even pees where I do! (And he loves peanut butter - just like me!) I think we must be related...
Dislikes I HATE having my ears cleaned, and brussel sprouts! (Otherwise, I'm a pretty easy-going guy.)
Breed(s) Dachshund
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Anything stuffed that squeaks! Also JW squeaky balls.
Birthday December 23, 2005
Adoption Date February 25, 2011
Personality I am a lap dog that's very protective of my pack. I'm friendly and love to play with other dogs and give millions of people kisses! Sometimes I'm a little bit nervous around big dogs but when I'm not napping I love to play with dogs of all shapes and sizes and my squeaky toys!
Likes Treats, particularly Mother Hubbard bones and Cloud Star soft treats.
Stuffed toys, especially if they squeak, and JW bouncy, squeaky balls.
Car rides!
Dislikes Big feet, clinking noises (like keys).
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