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Breed(s) Great Dane
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Anything that squeaks
Birthday November 07, 2006
Adoption Date November 08, 2008
Personality Lily lives up to her name: Lily the love bug. She is a funny girl. She LOVES people and LOVES to sit on your lap. She lives with Wobbler's Syndrome, but her wobbly walk just adds to her sweet personality. This is my amazing girl...and she really is amazing!
Likes Lily LOVES squirrels. I don't think she understands why they want to run from her when she just wants to lick them all over! ;) She also loves car rides and TREATS. She even knows how to spell treat! :)
Dislikes Lily LOATHES vacuum cleaners.
Breed(s) Great Dane
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Shoes
Birthday June 23, 2010
Adoption Date May 11, 2010
Personality Fun
Likes Everything
Dislikes Nothing
Breed(s) Great Dane
Sex Female
Birthday February 08, 2004
Adoption Date April 14, 2004
Likes cheese, photo shoots, sleep, luxury hotels, belly rubs, loud barking, sunny patches, my brother Charlie, filtered water, new collars, long walks, paw massages, 8:30 + 5:30 meal times, uncle Logan, mom's bed, California, other Danes
Dislikes rain, human kids, when mom goes away, strangers with hats, nail clipping, loud noises, cold, long drives on windy roads, being forced to do ANYTHING, kennels, bad smells,
Breed(s) Great Dane
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Yellow Monkey
Birthday April 28, 2011
Adoption Date July 27, 2011
Personality Parker is full of energy. He likes to chase the cat, run around the garden and hot tub, and chase his own tail. He is growing into his feet so he is quite clumsy, it's adorable
Likes Sleeping in a king sized bed, lots of attention, pig ears and tank bones. He loves to shake since that's his newest trick.
Dislikes Mean dogs that don't know how to play with a puppy, dry food unless mixed with wet food, sleeping in his own bed
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