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Breed(s) Alaskan Malamute
Sex Male
Birthday July 15, 2011
Breed(s) Beagle
Sex Female
Birthday January 01, 1999
Adoption Date July 01, 2008
Personality Clever, mischievous, lively, naughty, antagonistic, friendly and very, very snuggly.
Likes Eating, eating, eating, the off-leash park and burrowing under the covers.
Dislikes Being disrupted while sleeping.
Breed(s) Great Dane
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Anything that squeaks
Birthday November 07, 2006
Adoption Date November 08, 2008
Personality Lily lives up to her name: Lily the love bug. She is a funny girl. She LOVES people and LOVES to sit on your lap. She lives with Wobbler's Syndrome, but her wobbly walk just adds to her sweet personality. This is my amazing girl...and she really is amazing!
Likes Lily LOVES squirrels. I don't think she understands why they want to run from her when she just wants to lick them all over! ;) She also loves car rides and TREATS. She even knows how to spell treat! :)
Dislikes Lily LOATHES vacuum cleaners.
Breed(s) Golden Retriever/ Chow Chow/ Australian Shepard
Sex Female
Adoption Date August 09, 2011
Personality Very sweet, and obedient! she will sit on command in .5 seconds! as well as lay down! she drops to the ground as soon as you say "lay down". Every body absolutely falls in love with her when they see her. She is 4 years old but has a full puppy face. its adorable. she would never hurt a soul. She has a very unique face and body and she would be perfect for the cover.
Likes to play with my other golden retriever, do tricks, get treats, run, and LOVESSS to ride in the car
Dislikes nothing!
Breed(s) Maltipoo
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Tennis ball
Birthday August 11, 2010
Adoption Date October 14, 2010
Personality Lulu is a ball of energy, excitement, and love! Her favorite thing in the world to do is play fetch and then tease you with the ball when she brings it back (i.e. “come and get it!”). Lulu is a licker, walks perfectly on a loose leash, and has mastered a handful of tricks including “BANG!” She will do just about anything for salmon,
Likes Dog park visits, playing fetch, wet kisses, and salmon.
Dislikes Raw zucchini, peas, rice, and the vet.
Breed(s) Long haired whippet
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Ifetch
Birthday July 04, 2017
Personality Very Friendly,calm. She is a sweetheart loves to kiss cuddle and say hi to strangers.
Likes Like to go for a walk, likes to play with other dogs and run at the dog park.
Dislikes She does not like to swim.
Breed(s) Wheaten/Irish terrier mix
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Polar bear-"baby"
Birthday September 01, 1998
Personality My 12 year old puppy-
Likes watching TV and wants to turn everyone into a dog lover
Dislikes skateboarders and Iphone or Ipad commercials
Breed(s) Rottweiler
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Tug toy
Birthday August 17, 2011
Personality Merlin loves to work. He's sort of shy around some people, but warms up quickly.
Likes Herding sheep, Rally events. Loves getting out for a walk. Greeting me when I get home.
Dislikes Hats. Pills.
Breed(s) American Cocker Spaniel
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Extreme Kong with a treat inside
Birthday April 13, 2001
Personality Separation anxiety; leash aggression (?)
Breed(s) Mixed
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Chew toys
Birthday November 21, 2005
Adoption Date May 28, 2006
Personality Cute, happy, sometimes a bit grumpy, my best friend!
Likes Long walks
Breed(s) Boston Terrier
Sex Male
Favorite Toy small tennis ball
Birthday April 23, 2009
Personality Moe is a very animated dog, he loves making people laugh and playing. Moe also has a special ability (like most Boston Terriers) to borrow himself under the sheets of a fully made bed without any assistance.
Likes playing, food, attention, going for walks, sleeping in the bed, doing 360 spins when he's excited/playing with other dogs, his best friend Toby, being the face dog for M&J Dog Essentials
Dislikes days that are too hot or too cold, sirens, not being the center of attention
Breed(s) Austrailan Shepherd / Whippet mix
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Chuck-It
Birthday September 02, 2008
Adoption Date October 26, 2008
Personality The whippet mix makes her very shy with strangers but once she knows you forget about personal space. She is extremely smart and supper fast and loves to play.
Likes She loves playing in off-leash parks w/ her friends. Also having play dates when the weather is crap for play outside. Toys that belong to her friends including good bones from the butcher.
Dislikes Her own toys (unless having a play date). Walking on a leash (she is not in control) and being around strangers at least at first until she feels comfortable.
Breed(s) Pug
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Hide-A-Squirrel
Birthday July 16, 2009
Adoption Date October 13, 2009
Personality Playful, obedient with the presence of treats, love to cuddle, thinks she is a BIG dog
Likes 1) Food
2) Food
3) Food
Breed(s) Shepard, hound mix
Sex Male
Birthday December 05, 2005
Personality Sweet and loving in the house, scrappy, bullish, neurotic, fear agressive and protective of mom
Likes to spin in circles when excited or about to eat, squirrels, Jazzy

I'm the cute one winking in the back - Jazzy is my sister in front
Breed(s) Great Dane
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Shoes
Birthday June 23, 2010
Adoption Date May 11, 2010
Personality Fun
Likes Everything
Dislikes Nothing
Breed(s) Great Dane
Sex Female
Birthday February 08, 2004
Adoption Date April 14, 2004
Likes cheese, photo shoots, sleep, luxury hotels, belly rubs, loud barking, sunny patches, my brother Charlie, filtered water, new collars, long walks, paw massages, 8:30 + 5:30 meal times, uncle Logan, mom's bed, California, other Danes
Dislikes rain, human kids, when mom goes away, strangers with hats, nail clipping, loud noises, cold, long drives on windy roads, being forced to do ANYTHING, kennels, bad smells,
Breed(s) Great Dane
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Yellow Monkey
Birthday April 28, 2011
Adoption Date July 27, 2011
Personality Parker is full of energy. He likes to chase the cat, run around the garden and hot tub, and chase his own tail. He is growing into his feet so he is quite clumsy, it's adorable
Likes Sleeping in a king sized bed, lots of attention, pig ears and tank bones. He loves to shake since that's his newest trick.
Dislikes Mean dogs that don't know how to play with a puppy, dry food unless mixed with wet food, sleeping in his own bed
Breed(s) Pit Bull Mix
Sex Female
Breed(s) Maltese Mix
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Bunny
Birthday May 02, 2000
Personality Peanut is a happy dog who is very content to hang out on the sofa, or on his bed next to my desk, although he often channels his puppyhood -- particularly when he plays with his bunny, even though he is almost 11 years old. He loves people, but becomes very protective of his Mommy when strange men approach.
Likes Going for walks, playing with his KONG filled with carrots, going for car rides, and most of all going to visit "Auntie" Danita at Dmarie's Doggie Boutique and "Auntie" Dorothy at the Dining Dog Cafe & Bakery. That is his favorite place on earth!
Dislikes Being brushed, having his teeth brushed, anyone touching his paws, thunderstorms and fireworks.
Breed(s) Dachshund
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Antler
Birthday April 19, 2000
Personality Nosy neighbor, keeps a bead on the hood.
Likes Food
Breed(s) German Shepherd Dog
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Pink! Hurley (for now)
Birthday April 26, 2010
Adoption Date August 01, 2010
Personality Fearless, playful, happy, loving, loves to give kisses, whistles to communicate. Desperately wants to make friends with the 17 year-old kitty in the house.
Likes Nomming on fresh fruits and veggies, walks, playing chase, car rides, sharing the couch or bed with mom and dad, visiting Woodinville wineries.
Dislikes Allergies. I seem to have a few. I don't like chicken, beef, or buffalo (raw or kibble) - they make me itchy. Orijen and Canidae kibble upset my tummy. I am currently checking out Avoderm Lamb Meal & Brown Rice.
Breed(s) Toy Poodle
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Chowy Bone
Birthday July 15, 2012
Breed(s) Toy poodle
Sex Female
Favorite Toy My "no stuff" rabbit
Birthday July 11, 2010
Adoption Date May 29, 2011
Personality Pippa is half little lady, half sassy siren! She is our little rescue dog who loves her big sister, Lulu, and stealing as much attention as she can! Pippa loves to be cuddled and held, and is also a GREAT runner for having such little legs!
Likes Chasing big dogs at the dog park, chasing squirrels, chewing rawhides.
Dislikes Walking on a leash, being left alone.
Breed(s) Great Pyrenees
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Giant Flossy Knot
Birthday February 25, 2009
Personality This lady is a class act all the way. She loves everyone, in fact, that has proven to be our biggest training challenge to date, "Porsche, heal. Ah ah ah, no pulling me!" It's not only people Porsche is agreeable with either, she's always a favorite when at doggy daycare and is allowed to play with all size groups. Very sweet and affectionate friendly dog.
Likes People, pooches, kitties, livestock, running madly around our yard at breakneck speed all by herself, rolling in the grass, chewing her Flossys, playing sorta kinda fetch, splashing in mud puddles, snow, the dog park, treats, and all the petting a person can spare.
Dislikes Changes in her diet, pumpkin, and the vet-at least when we first enter the examination room.
Breed(s) Rhodesian Ridgeback
Sex Male
Birthday April 11, 2007
Red Dog
Breed(s) Rot Hound mix
Sex Female
Birthday January 01, 2011
Breed(s) Silky
Sex Male
Favorite Toy blue mouse
Birthday August 02, 2011
Adoption Date August 02, 2011
Personality Big
Likes Greenies, Sunday morning walks, when my human sits down so I can stop moving from bed to bed and get some rest.
Dislikes having my teeth brushed, getting a bath and those damn squirrels & raccoons who think they can share my backyard
Reximus Maximus Lyon (Rex)
Breed(s) Lab
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Little stuffed lamb (go figure)
Birthday June 15, 2006
Adoption Date January 27, 2007
Personality Funny. Funny. Funny.
Likes Soft little toys, snow skiing, swimming, hiking, and bananas.
Dislikes Front hugs and being told what to do.
Breed(s) Labrador
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Ball with food in it
Birthday June 02, 2003
Adoption Date June 02, 2003
Personality My nickname is giant beached whale. I am a total lover who at 80lbs thinks I should still be in your lap.
Breed(s) Black Lab
Sex Male
Favorite Toy food!
Personality Super sweet disposition, but very stubborn and a little lazy.
Likes walks, hiking, dog park & food!
Dislikes mornings
Breed(s) Chihuahua/Pom
Sex Female
Dislikes Mean dogs
Breed(s) English Bulldog
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Balls
Birthday January 01, 1970
Adoption Date January 01, 1970
Personality She is a very playful dog especially with her ball. she can also be very lazy and lay around the house all day snoring. over all she is a pretty chill dog.!
Breed(s) Golden Retriever and Lab
Sex Female
Birthday November 14, 1997
Adoption Date January 01, 1998
Likes Loves to swim and dive for toys.
Dislikes Hates UPS men
Scout (2002-2013)
Breed(s) Boxer
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Tennis ball
Birthday May 06, 2002
Personality Most people will agree, I am a star who is adored by all! I don't take my role lightly though -- and will shower my fans with love and sloppy kisses!
Likes People -- all people, especially the little ones who taste good when you lick them!
Dislikes There's not much I don't like -- I'm not a big fan of the rain. Other than that, I like most people, places and things!
Breed(s) Yellow Lab
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Wubba
Birthday April 01, 2000
Personality Loving, Gentle, Kind, Snuggly (He actually "spoons"!), Loyal
Likes Swimming, FOOD, Hiking, FOOD, Stuffed Toys, FOOD
Soda Pop
Breed(s) Jack Russell Terrier
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Rocks and lasers
Birthday December 27, 2001
Likes snow, turkey, log rolls
Dislikes skateboards and cats
Breed(s) Taiwan Street Dog/Formosan Mountain Dog
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Tiny Chuckit Balls
Birthday September 09, 2009
Adoption Date December 22, 2009
Breed(s) Gordon Setter
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Jack
Birthday February 25, 1999
Adoption Date May 23, 1999
Personality Although she is a senior dog she is ageing gracefully. She still loves to chase birds and is just the most loving dog one could have. If you don't know Gordons they can be quite the talkers and Tess always has something to say.
Likes Loves to chase birds out of trees, bushes you name it. Not as active as she once was but is still always ready to go.
Dislikes Not happy if she misses a walk.
Breed(s) Boxer
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Ziggy
Birthday February 14, 2010
Adoption Date August 05, 2013
Breed(s) Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise Mix
Sex Male
Favorite Toy "Big Bone" - a large stuffed bone
Birthday June 04, 2008
Adoption Date October 23, 2008
Personality Toby is a friendly little guy. He is a little skittish around loud noises, but he loves being around people. He's a cuddler and is most happy curled up in my lap.
Likes Stealing my slippers, carrots and apples, going for walks or to the off-leash park, snuggling
Dislikes Plastic bags, large aggressive dogs, waiting for anything.
Breed(s) Miniature Schnauzer
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Fox, Chipmunk, puppy and ornament
Birthday March 13, 2008
Personality Loves cuddles, treats, playing outside with daddy, watching mommy cook, hates loud noises and barks when the doorbell rings
Breed(s) Beagle
Sex Female
Favorite Toy food
Birthday April 10, 2011
Adoption Date April 10, 2011
Personality Verbena is our greeting committee, she loves to say hello and meet others. If we have a lap her mission is to be cuddled and on it. If not cuddling she loves to do tricks for treats. She rolls over, sits, waits, holds a cookie on her nose and spins. Verbena also LOVES to go for walks and enjoy the smells.
Likes Food, food, food!
Dislikes Nail Clipping and bath time.
Breed(s) Chocolate Lab/Blood Hound?
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Turtle
Adoption Date August 29, 2012
Personality I love people, cats, dogs, toys, FOOD! And it's been said that I'm sweet, loving, and affectionate. (Whew! I've got it made!)
Likes Going "Bye-Bye" (especially in the car) - I do the "Bye-Bye Bounce"!
My best buddy is Holmes (a black kitty that showed up on Momma's front porch about 3 days after I was adopted). We do everything together! He even pees where I do! (And he loves peanut butter - just like me!) I think we must be related...
Dislikes I HATE having my ears cleaned, and brussel sprouts! (Otherwise, I'm a pretty easy-going guy.)
Breed(s) Dachshund
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Anything stuffed that squeaks! Also JW squeaky balls.
Birthday December 23, 2005
Adoption Date February 25, 2011
Personality I am a lap dog that's very protective of my pack. I'm friendly and love to play with other dogs and give millions of people kisses! Sometimes I'm a little bit nervous around big dogs but when I'm not napping I love to play with dogs of all shapes and sizes and my squeaky toys!
Likes Treats, particularly Mother Hubbard bones and Cloud Star soft treats.
Stuffed toys, especially if they squeak, and JW bouncy, squeaky balls.
Car rides!
Dislikes Big feet, clinking noises (like keys).
Xana Dew
Breed(s) Chihuahua Norwhich Terrier
Sex Female
Favorite Toy me
Birthday October 05, 2011
Adoption Date October 13, 2011
Personality A mix of "HAPPY" Bunny Love meets Mary Kathryn Gallagher
Likes To talk,go on walks bark at big dogs... be petted and loved on and tucked in at night.
Dislikes Big Dogs,Car rides make her nervous, loud noises and fireworks.
Breed(s) Schnoodle
Sex Male
Favorite Toy Anything Scout is playing with
Birthday June 17, 2006
Adoption Date June 16, 2006
Personality I am sweet as a bug, but am very protective of Scout and my mom, patrolling the perimeter to ensure no intruders have gotten in.
Likes I LOVE Scout! She's my big sis and watches out for me even though I pretend to watch out for her.
Dislikes I'm not a big fan of other big dogs -- they kind of freak me out.
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