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I am a volunteer for the Humane society who fosters kittens. I also have 2 cats and 2 corgis. I enjoy hiking and camping, and so do the corgis!

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Tara Patterson
Tara Patterson
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My Dogs

Breed:Corgi/ Australian Shepherd
Favorite Toy:Any toy her brother has
Personality:Typical little sister, if big brother Amadeus has something, it must be for her! She's a cuddler and a nibbler as well!
LikesStealing from big brother. pupperoni sticks, beating up on her "cousin" a toy poodle named Bentley
Dislikes:When her brother won't play with her. Having to go up and down stairs.
Breed:Corgi/ Australian Shepherd
Favorite Toy:Rope toys are by far the best toys!
Personality:Ama is the silliest dog you would ever meet. He is constantly found belly up watching the world in his odd upside down ways. He is a regular love to every person, dog, cat, and rabbit that he has met so far. He also helps with foster kittens by being a "daddy" dog to them, they follow him like baby geese. But keep the mice away for he believes he is sworn to mouse! He is not fond of homework time and believes it is much better spent with a booty scratch- so he perches on my books when I study. He is a very small corgi at only 16 lbs (still growing we hope) but he doesn't let it slow him down. He's an avid out-doors-pup and cannot wait for the next time he gets to go camping.
Likesbooty scratches, hiking, chasing squirrels, playing with his rope toy, stealing cat food, riding the moped.
Dislikes:when the cats won't play back, when someone takes his rope toy, kisses, interruption in nap time, mice, his doggles for moped riding.

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